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At Barking Beautiful, we pride ourselves with A* service. All my prices are from ££ this is due to the breed, condition of the coat, how often they are groomed, type of service - Please feel free to give me a call or email & I'll be more than happy to help you out with a rough quote.

" a good groom is never cheap & a cheap groom is never good" 

                                                                                                                          Jackie Grimmett


*The Pick me up*
 Bath, Dry & Fluff!

​Price's are From; Please call/email for a quote

This service is for Bath, dry, brush out or fluff! or for those shorties who need to get rid of their undercoat! 

Price's start from £15 depending on the breed of dog, size, coat etc... this service is great for all breeds needing a pick me up! Includes;

- Bath

- Hand dried

- Brush/Fluff

- Nails

- Ear Cleaning/Plucking

- Fragrance Spray

- Bow on Collar 

(any knotted or matted dogs will need to book in for The V.I.P Package)


** Examples of cost **


Pug from £25

Cocker Spaniel from £30 (matt free)

*The V.I.P*
The Full Works!

Price's are From; Please call/email for a quote

This service is The V.I.P - The Very Important Pooch! this is the all inclusive package and includes everything! great for all breeds of dogs!

Price's start from £25 depending on breed of dog, size, coat, etc... this service is great for all breeds that need that extra TLC and work on their look! this service includes;

- De-matting (serious matting occur extra charges)

- Bath & Condition

- Hand dried

- Brush/Fluff

- Breed Clip or Trimmings

- Nails

- Ear Cleaning & Plucking

- Teeth Descaling (only if it is light plaque & the dog allows me too!)

- Fragrance Spray

- Bow on Collar 


** Examples of costs **


West Highland Terrier from £47

Cockerpoo from £50

Cocker Spaniel from £50

Most crossbreeds average from £47


Handstripping is a timely & lengthy groom process & I will only handstrip if the dog's coat is ready to be stripped.

I will bath the dog after he/she has been hand stripped with a special soap bar that doesn't contain anything which will make their skin sore. If the dog's skin has reacted & is really sore then I will book the dog in for a bath in a few days times (bath is included in price) If your dog doesn't allow me to strip then I will not! there are other options which are kinder for them.


Prices start from £55 for hand stripping 


** Example in prices ** 


Border Terrier from £55

Irish Terrier from £80


*Little Extra's*

These small Little extra's are those things our humans can't do because we bite & wriggle and play games to stop having them done naughty us! Woof Woof! 

- Nail Clipping £5 (£10-£15 for difficult dogs)

- Face Tidy - £10

- Bum Tidy - £5

- Paw Tidy - £10

- Tail, Bum, Paw & Face Tidy £15

* Creative Grooming*

Ideal for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Halloween, Christmas or just for fun :)


- Nail Painting From - £3.00

- Feather Extensions - From £5.00

- Furjazzles - From £1.50

- Colouring of the dog's coat - From £8.00


**All Products are safe, Non Toxic and can be used on dogs! But a Skin test is required for colouring as some dogs still may react even though it is non-toxic and safe! Prices are from depending on the amount of work and products used, can be done separately or added onto the groom.

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- Bathing & Drying
- Breed Clips
- Puppy Clips
- Nail Clipping

- Ear Cleaning & Plucking

- Scissoring

- Hand Stripping

- De-matting

- Tick Removal



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I have a parking space outside my salon if this is taken there is plenty off road parking & resident road's and a little car park just further up.


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