The Barking Beautiful Team

Meet my team! this page is just a little about me and my dogs (my team) and how I got into dog grooming etc.. enjoy :) 

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I'm the owner of Barking Beautiful and I have been grooming for about 15 years now. I have worked with dogs since the age of 13! I've grown up with dogs since I was born! I've always had a passion for animals and dogs are my biggest passion! I love everything about them! they are fur babies! :) I have recently passed my City & Guilds Level3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and over the moon that I'm now a fully qualified dog groomer.

I worked as a kennel hand when I was 13 this is where I started to understand dogs and how they react etc... I also started to bath and dry dogs too! few years later I did hairdressing but wanted to be working with animals! so I thought! Hairdressing plus dogs! DOG GROOMER :) I started working as a prep girl in a salon and then got asked if I would like to be taught how to groom! few years later I was allowed to groom on my own in the salon! I loved it! I loved helping people understand how to look after their dogs and make them look great and easy for the owner to look after! 

I now work for myself and love it! I work 121 with your dog and do not use cage driers I only hand dry! I always do a consultation before to get the best of your dog's haircut! I understand they are your babies and you want them to look great! unfortunately sometimes we have to clip the dogs off and start again, due to being to matted! but as I say fur grows back quickly and we can start again and make your dog look great! I groom for love of your pet and for my career! I love every dog that passes through my hands whether its nervous, aggressive or wriggly! I build a relationship up with your dog and friendship! 

as I say I'm always "Grooming Fur Love"


Lia Henderson - 
Owner & K9 Beautician

Jane - Reception & Bather


Meet my wonderful mum Jane! my mum is the helper! my mum has worked with dogs for about 20years she worked in kennels as a kennel manager and now has recently left Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. She now works with me full time & helps me out with the big dogs, reception & cleaning :) Jane has also started to help bath & prep the dogs for me if I'm busy grooming :) Jane has a very good knowledge & understanding of dogs & has been on many first aid courses, behaviour courses etc... & I know that I could trust her 110% with handling of your dogs! 

Gypsy - Assistant Model

Gypsy my Lhasa Apso cross Poodle aka! Lhasapoo!!

she is my princess, I've had her since she was 7 weeks! and she is now 10! She is my assistant! she helps me decide what shampoo's and spray's to use! she is my tester! she is my model for new scissors, new cuts, colouring etc... Bless her she gets groomed so much! and now loves it! she is the perfect model for puppy cuts etc.. as most my clients request this! she is my example to show people what a puppy cut looks like! and to show my clients how to brush their type of coat! she is really handy :) but she does get rewarded with treat, cuddles and kisses for her help at Barking Beautiful :) 


Bibi - Assistant Model

Aww my Bibi she is a Mini Schnauzer and I've had her since she was 10 weeks! she has just turned 10!  now Bibi is the outgoing hyper dog of mine! I use her for my Breed cuts! as I groom a lot of Schnauzers! schnauzers are my specialty! 

Bibi is my alarm and lets me know when my clients are here with her little howl, which is great as I don't always hear people coming through the door! so if you hear this high pitched scream yes scream its Bibi as she is soooo excited to meet your dog! Playing is her all time fav game :) 




she is also my tester for new blades, shampoos, etc... 

Bibi is very lazy! so trying to get her in the bath is a nightmare! she doesn't like to be removed from her bed its to cosy for her haha! but she is such a toy boy rolling around in poo etc... so she has to have a bath! Bibi love's barking at squirrels and birds too! 


Bibi was my exam dog for my level 3 and we passed yippee!

Pearl - Comp Dog & Model

Pearl is a Silver Standard Poodle and she will be my comp dog & BBK9B Salon Dog! 


Pearl is now a huge part of our family and she has come on in leaps and bounds! she is a joy to love & to own.


She has also found her voice! and likes to be the "poodle alarm system" when people come into the salon! we are sorry for her huge bark! but shes so excited to see your dog/s

Thor - Comp Dog & Model

Thor is the newest member of the Henderson family! he is a black standard poodle and such a huge character all ready! he is absolutely nuts! He will be my comp dog as well as Pearl.