Please note I haven't listed all my prices due to different types of coats, the condition of the coat, style etc.. prices vary so much. Please call for a quote (quotes can still change) or pop in for a free consultation with myself. Extra charges are given on extremely matted coats & aggressive dogs (If I'm not informed) It is always best to tell me the truth how your dog reacts. Also when was the last time they were groomed. It helps me and your dog in every way. Below are the details of the services I offer!
Bathing & Drying

Bath's and dry's can be booked in if your dog needs a good old wash or their coats are moulting and need the dead fur removing (please phone/email for a quote)


I can de-matt your dog's coat, if it hasn't got to the "bad stage" if it has gone too far, then the only way to get rid of matts if to start all over again and clip the whole coat off! remember it does grow back! it is always a shock at first to some but does grow back! to stop matting regular grooming is required and brushing from yourselves at home. (please call/email for quote)

Breed Cuts/Clips

Most dogs have a certain breed clip/cut if the dog has been regularly groomed or is a puppy and can be put into its breed clip/cut as requested then I'm more than happy to do this from Schnauzer Clips to Cocker Spaniel Clips. Prices for full package starts from £25 depending on the breed of dog & clip

Puppy Cuts/Clips

Puppies! cute little balls of fur! :) your new member of the family! which now needs to have their first groom! it is best to start as early as possible with your puppies grooming to get them used to the sounds etc... they can have just brush or bath and dry and even their full clip, for example, a mini schnauzer clip etc.. prices start from £15 depending on breed, age etc..

I can do hand scissoring if requested, this does cost more as takes more time than clipping and is only really for show dogs or tidy ups. Please call/email for a quote on Scissoring.

Nail Clipping

If your dog's nails need clipping this is included in my packages or if you just want their nails done! simply call me up and book in. Takes 5 mins to do and I only charge £5 :) 

Hand Stripping

I will only do hand stripping if your dog's coat is ready to be stripped and I agree with its time. I don't agree in stripping coats that cannot be stripped as it's like ripping your hair out of your head when not needed too. Prices are slightly higher for stripping as it takes longer. (Please call/email for quote)

Ear Cleaning/Plucking

I check all dogs ear's and clean them if they need cleaning. Also, some breed's need their ear's plucking which I will do as well if needs be. Dogs need their ear's cleaning and plucking to prevent ear infections and ear mites so please always check your dog's ears in between grooms. If they need plucking or cleaning and you can not do it, I offer this as a mini service too.

Teeth Descaling

If your dog allows me too and has tar on their teeth, I can descale what I can and if they let me. I will never force or do this to a dog that doesn't want me to touch their mouths. Sometimes it can be so bad they really need to see a vet.

Tick Removal

If I come across the nasty little critters I remove these free of charge no hidden costs. (It only takes a few seconds to get them) also if your dog has fleas I will inform you and advise of the best treatment. Please If your dog had a tick that you come across, please don't pull them out etc.. use a tick remover or simply come and see me and I'll get the little nasty bug!

Hand Drying!!! NO CAGES!!
I can put my hand on my heart and say I hand dry all my dogs and we don't use cages or drying boxes. 

Creative Grooming!

Creative grooming can consist of so many different things from colouring your dog to painting nails! I have been on a creative grooming course to learn & find out what safe & non-harmful products can be used on your dogs coat. I'm a strong believer in your dog's welfare & would never do anything to harm them or use a product that would. The list below consists of some of the services I offer in creative grooming, please note if you would like your dog coloured then I would need to do a patch test 48hours before (even though the products are non-toxic & safe it is to be on the safe side & just in case the dog may have a reaction)
Feather Extension

Feather extensions are a coloured or pattern feather that can be attached to your dog's

fur on their ear. It is secured with a microbead & doesn't cause any pain or discomfort

it is attached to the fur, not the actual ear. They can last for months if looked after.



FurJazzle's are a temporary glitter tattoo, these are done with a stencil, PVA glue

& glitter, it is safe & non toxic. If you want to remove the furjazzle you just wash of

with warm soapy water. 




Stick On Gems

Stick on gems are applied with PVA & stick on gems to give a glitzy added effect to 

a groom! you can have earrings (stick on) feet, tail, bum, etc.... ears tend to last longer

(my schnauzers ears last for around 10days) 



Colouring of the dogs can be from tips of ears to whole body & head. Colouring only

really works on lighter coloured dogs! all colours used are non toxic & not harmful to

dogs! a patch test is required just incase some dogs may have rection to the colours.


Nail Painting

I can paint your dogs nails if you would like them painted, I have pretty much any colour

for your pampered pooch! I can only paint them if your dog allows me too & keeps still.

I wont force a dog to have anything done.


Other Creative Grooming

If there is anything you like me to try then let me know, I can research into it & 

help you find the right style or product you would like to use on your dog.

I can stick dimantes on ears, tail, plaite ears, add flowers etc...


I also have stencils and an dog air brush machine to air brush patterns onto them!

anything is possible! and at the same time dog safe! Im 100% always use 

dog safe & non toxic products!


Just ask & I can try & be happy to help! :) 


Feather Extension


Stick on Gems

Feather Extension

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- Bathing & Drying
- Breed Clips
- Puppy Clips
- Nail Clipping

- Ear Cleaning & Plucking

- Scissoring

- Hand Stripping

- De-matting

- Tick Removal

-Hand Dry Only! NO CAGE DRYING


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