Puppy Page!

This page will help people with a new puppy and their grooming!


When shall I get my puppy groomed?! I've been told by my breeder or a friend I shouldn’t have them groomed until they are 6months?!


A - I have a lot of people asking me this question and its quite a shame that “breeders” give this answer! puppies should start having a “puppy introduction” at the age of 12weeks! this will introduce them to the world of grooming. They will be introduced to the bath, blaster, dryer to get them used to the sounds and then we will do their nails, ears and tidy if needed! Puppies are like children the earlier you start with this then the better behaved & calmed they will be as they grow up! grooming is for their life! so its extremely important to get them used to it!


Can my puppy’s coat be cut?!


A- Yes it can and when you bring the puppy in we can go through what you want and your lifestyle and the best cut to put your puppy in.


My Puppy is scared of everything I’m worried they will be with grooming?


A - At BBK9B we take our time and slowly get the puppy used to sounds! there is no need to rush or force a dog or puppy to be dried etc…. these things can take a lot of time and time is what we have to make sure your puppy or dog is comfortable, relaxed plus they get hundreds or cuddles and kisses too hehe!


I don’t know how to look after or brush my puppy’s coat?!


A - Then ask me! I won’t judge you at all! Im here to help! bring the brushes or combs you have and I can tell if they are the right ones and what you need and I can show you how to look after their coat! Im here to help!


any more questions then feel free to ask me!


remember your pups coat will changed! as they get older they will loose their puppy coat and an adult coat will come through! they can change colour, change thickness or thinness can go really curly or straight you just won’t know until they reach adulthood! 

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- Bathing & Drying
- Breed Clips
- Puppy Clips
- Nail Clipping

- Ear Cleaning & Plucking

- Scissoring

- Hand Stripping

- De-matting

- Tick Removal

-Hand Dry Only! NO CAGE DRYING


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I have a parking space outside my salon if this is taken there is plenty off road parking & resident road's and a little car park just further up.


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