Matts?! Knots?! Grooming?!


This page will help you with questions on matting etc... its becoming a huge problem in the grooming industry at the moment so hopefully this page can help you.

Why does my dog matt & have to be shaved off?!


Unfortunately, matting occurs when the dog's coat hasn’t been brushed & combed through! with breeds for example - cockerpoos, labradoodles, cavapoos, maltese, cockers etc… anything with a long coat will need brushing & combing through every day to prevent matting. 


You need a slicker brush & wide tooth comb (which I sell in the salon)

If you watch the video below I show you how to brush through your dog's coat.

also, ask your groomer to show you how to brush your dog out I'm sure they will be more than happy too. Remember if your watching tv in the evening just pop the dog on your lap and comb through :) takes 2 mins if kept on top. I don't want to shave your dog down! I want your dog to have a beautiful haircut. 


The Animal Welfare Act 2006 - does state that all dogs must be free from pain & discomfort - this is why we have to shave off the matted coat. Your dog is walking around in pain! and combing will not work when it got really bad. It's not fair on the dog - remember fur grows back! 


Remember if you want your dogs coat left long



  • Brush daily

  • Book in with your groomer regularly between 4-8 weeks depending on the coat length

  • Book an in-between maintenance groom. So say fluffy comes  every 6 weeks book a maintenance groom at 3 weeks bath, dry, dematt

  • Ask your groomer for a haircut that will suit your lifestyle - if your lifestyle is hectic and you have no time to brush the dog's coat than a short style will be easier?!

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