FAQ - Facts, Answers & Questions :) 


On this page will be a few questions etc... I get asked all the time! If you have any FAQ's to ask me just drop me an 

email barkingbeautiful@hotmail.co.uk or call me at the salon 01344 566116.


How Long do I leave my dog/s with you for?!


Your dog/s when dropped off will be assessed on the amount of work that needs doing breed, size, coat condition, service etc... Usally most dogs stop of with me for about 1.5 hours and the bigger breeds 2 hours plus! I will either give you a 15min call before they are done or a time if I know your dog and how long they take me to groom, sometimes I may run behind a little but I will always let you know :) 


When can I flea my dog before or after their grooms?!


It is advised that your dog if due for their flea treatment before or after their groom that they are treated at least 48hours prior to bathing or after bathing this is because the oils are removed from the coat and the treatment doesnt work aswell when the dogs coat is wet & the oils have been removed. I always say 72 hours just to be on the safe side! 


Will my dog be caged?!


No! your dog/s will not be caged! I have three large pens with comfy bedding & water for your dogs to chill out in! I also have a dog sofa so if your dog is friendly and likes other dogs they can play and have a nap on the dog sofa! your always more than welcome to pop in and have a tour! (I just cant promise the grooming side will be hair free if Im in the middle of grooming) 



What Payments do you take?!


I take cash & card payments only! no cheques im afraid


Im not sure on what haircut my dog needs?!


Thats ok! this is where I can help! we will go through your lifestyle, how much time you have etc... your dogs lifestyle and so on! I can show you some grooms ive done simaler to what I think would suit your dog & it may take a couple of grooms to perfect the right one! 

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- Bathing & Drying
- Breed Clips
- Puppy Clips
- Nail Clipping

- Ear Cleaning & Plucking

- Scissoring

- Hand Stripping

- De-matting

- Tick Removal

-Hand Dry Only! NO CAGE DRYING


                         Opening Hours


       Sunday  & Monday- CLOSED


              Tuesday - Saturday 

      9am - till the last dog runs out


2 Bridge House Courtyard

18a Brockenhurst Road,

South Ascot, SL5 9DL


I have a parking space outside my salon if this is taken there is plenty off road parking & resident road's and a little car park just further up.


Mail: barkingbeautiful@hotmail.co.uk
Tel:  01344 566116