Competitions, Qualifications, Training


I'm always trying to improve my skills so I can improve my services to you and your dogs! I'm always learning something new everyday! as you will 

always do in life! this is just some of the stuff I've been upto whilst setting up my company. 

                      Some of my certs in the salon

In the below picture we have up on the wall my certs from my training with Absolutely Animals in London this is the start of my City & Guilds Level3 :) next is my cert for my course in creative grooming to learn how to apply colours, extras and the safe non toxic products to use on your dogs, we then have the groomers spotlight when I won salon of the month last year and then we have my English groomers cert and rosette from my first comp with gypsy! :) 

                    The Festival Of Grooming

Another learning curve for me! I attended the festival of grooming with a fellow groomer in mid July 2014! and what a weekend I had! we learnt so much stuff from shampoos, cats, dogs, skin, fur, this & that It went on! and it was brilliant! Just silly little things ive learnt has changed the way I groom etc... we had two fantastic groomers from the states come over & do demos etc... & I was in heaven! it was amazing and I really hope in years to come Im up there with all these great groomers! I had a fantastic time learning :) 

       City & Guilds Level3 Diploma - Dog Grooming


on the 13th January I started my Level3 diploma in dog grooming on the 24th September I finally passed my level3 in dog grooming after 9 months of hard work! I've done it! I took the exams as an personal achievement - Ive been grooming for 7 plus years now & thought it would be nice to do it! I'm so glad I did as I learnt alot on the way and now I can say Im a fully qualified dog groomer! yippee! thank you to all my tutors, exam dogs & their owners, my friends & family & especislly my partner Ryan for pushing me to do this & sticking by my side! so thank you :) 

                 First Aid Certificate


I finally got my cert through for my first aid course! yay! means I can give CPR and other life saving techniques etc.... but I would prefer it if you didnt have heart attack in my salon please hehe xx

Windsor Dog Show 2016

I went to Windsor dog show like I do every year apart from this year was diffrent I was allowed to take my Pearl and show her! & guess what we quilified for crufts 2017! I couldnt believe it! so excited thats one thing ticked of my bucket list is to take my dog to crufts! :) 

The Groomers Spotlight

The grooming industry is not regulated. So a few people have put together the groomers spotlight where you can go online and fine qualified groomers near you! its like check a trade! brilliant to be part of an amazing team.

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- Bathing & Drying
- Breed Clips
- Puppy Clips
- Nail Clipping

- Ear Cleaning & Plucking

- Scissoring

- Hand Stripping

- De-matting

- Tick Removal

-Hand Dry Only! NO CAGE DRYING


                         Opening Hours


       Sunday  & Monday- CLOSED


              Tuesday - Saturday 

      9am - till the last dog runs out


2 Bridge House Courtyard

18a Brockenhurst Road,

South Ascot, SL5 9DL


I have a parking space outside my salon if this is taken there is plenty off road parking & resident road's and a little car park just further up.


Tel:  01344 566116